Choose a security consultant!
Unsolved security issues are costly!
Obtain independent, honest advice and expertise!

“Flott-Expert” – Independent Security Consultant Association was established by the market needs and the conversation of security professionals.
There are numerous security companies on the Hungarian market and as consequence of the significant price competition, providers offer their services at the possible lowest price.  In several cases the preparedness and professional knowledge of the security service providers are not in balance with the real needs of clients and the complete absence of an onsite security expert makes the  coordination of  security activities unmanageable (and unreliable).

Our aim is to ensure and check the security standards for these companies.

Also, we offer special service for companies that have their own security expert, in which we give an external and impartial feedback about the optimal solutions and that can improve the operation of the present security service further.

“Flott Expert” is an independent security consultant company, that helps to handle the security risks of  the business, reduces the losses of the client  while provides security and makes a safety workplace for the employees.
We help implementing the proper security strategy according to the tasks and values of your company and that supports the daily operation instead of interrupting it.

The aim of our service is establishing and maintaining the highest level of protection standards for our customers. Our association gives the opportunity to work out a new security concept, or professionally improve the already existing security service further by this means increasing the security level of the object.

Let us show you ways in which you can…

  • Reduce the current security cost.
  • Find the right balance between security, suitability and convenience.
  • Provide security consulting service in a way that respects the unique culture of your organization.
  • Make employees, customers, and guests feel safer and more secure.
  • Keep from spending money on security solution that won’t really solve your problems.
  • Have your security program add value to your organization’s bottom line.

Keep your facility safe and secure without making it look like a fortress.