• Security related areas
  • Property protection

Do you need a comprehensive, written security regulation?

To establish the complete safety on site, every company needs a comprehensive written security regulation that covers every aspects of the property protection, work- and fire protection and that the safety operating procedures run without error. If you don`t have this kind of regulatory system, our security experts are able to establish it according to your needs., If your company already has a security code/protocol, it is most likely going to be enough only updating it, instead of designing/preparing a new one.

Many companies do schedule regular reviews and verification, yet they are not being done due to other duties. We help and undertake this duty from you, so you can be sure that we execute the most professional and precise regulation as it was originally planned.

We can prepare any regulations below for deadline:

  • Defensive plan
  • Evacuation plan
  • Working out the guidelines and procedures (of reaction) to extraordinary events
  • Key handle regulation
  • Data protection regulation
  • Biztonsági Szabályzat
  • IT regulation
  • Working out the rules for receiving guests

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