• In the case of planning new building
  • Reconstruction of present buildings


We help you in the planning term of the building to build a safety and cost efficiently operated (from security point of view) object.

In the case of planning a new building or apply any alterations on an existing building, it is very important to consider the security standpoints.


Our security planning contains mainly the following tasks:


  • Determination of risk and danger zones
  • Determination of security requirements
  • Determination of security preconception
  • Determination of critical danger zones of the building
  • Allocate the security zones


Setting up of the necessary elements for the security plan of the building:


  • Open / close of the doors
  • Fence passage and gates
  • Barriers
  • Parking areas and lighting of those
  • Electronic property protection systems: access control system, closed circle television (CCTV) system, security communication system, intruder alarm system, etc.
  • Security X-ray systems: package X-ray machine, metal detector systems, etc.
  • Determination of physical guarding positions


In the case of new investments or building reconstruction, it is highly recommended to create the security plans in advance, otherwise subsequent developments (and planning) could raise costs significantly.


Involve our experts into the security planning process, so we can help you to design an optimized construction that significantly reduces the future security operating expenses, while your object gives maximum protection for the employees, value of properties and for the confidential information are in it.

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