Our independent security expert colleagues have got more decennial professional knowledge from different industrial sector, in various environments and according to manifold requirements.

One and all members of our professional association have significant and comprehensive security protection experience concerning the area of security, fire & work protection, disaster protection, information security, furthermore terror prevention. They have got their experience at highlighted segment of the Republic Guard Regiment, terror prevention organizations or at the organizations of police. As additional experience they continued their career at international security companies in leader positions and they made a success of very important security projects.

Our consultants continuously participate on professional forums, further trainings within that frame the ideas and the experience could change hands and these ensure an interactive communication between the representatives of security profession.

Moreover they continuously follow the formation of the marketing trends and the labour market as well, so they can give an up to date help for the clients.

Our Code of Ethics contains strict ethics standards and professional requirements ensure that our consultants represent the highest level of security profession.

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