AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status is an internationally recognised quality mark indicating that your role in the international supply chain is secure, and that your customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant. It gives quicker access to certain simplified customs procedures and in some cases the right to ‘fast-track’ your shipments through some customs and safety and security procedures.
If you don’t apply and achieve AEO status it will have an impact on your customs related activity both operationally and financially.

The AEO benefits, dependent on the type of the authorization:

AEOC – AEO status for customs simplification
AEOS – AEO status for security and safety

All the companies applying for the AEO status need to have the customs authorities performed audit.

The AEOS status attainment requires the minimum security requirements as determined in the Customs Code at the point of security and defensive standards:

- The buildings used for the AEOS status related operations are protected against unauthorized penetration and those buildings are built from materials that can resist unauthorized entry.
– Have measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to offices, shipping areas, loading docks, cargo areas and any relevant places.
– Have measures containing the protection against the unauthorized receipt, replacement or improper handling of the goods and against the manipulation of the consignments. Regulate the access and egress control, seal handling and the waste material storage.
– The applicant has measures that make possible the unambiguous identification of his commercial partners and (by way of proper contractual agreements and other proper measures in accordance with the business model of the applicant) ensure the mentioned commercial partners take care about the safety of their part of the international supply chain.
– The applicant (if the national law allows it) does security screening of the employees who will be in sensitive positions from a security point of view and makes background check of the current employees periodically and in justified cases.
– The applicant has proper security procedures regarding the contractual external suppliers.
– The applicant ensures that his employees who perform security related tasks regularly participate in security training to improve awareness.
– The applicant has a dedicated person who is competent in defensive and security topics.

Flott Expert helps your AEO preparation and helps the development of all security related areas. We prepare the necessary regulations or update the existing and we train them for the employees of the company and for the security crew as well. Through methodological trainings we assist the security service preparation for the AEO audit.

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