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It is so hard to take a proper decision without the cognition of the actual market and experience, professional background. The aim of establishing “Flott Expert” is helping their clients in the decision making and to achieve the company security goals by objective and independent consulting services.

The headquarters of “Flott Expert” is located in Budapest, but we serve our clients with our individual security project services all over the country. Our security consultants give professional help in security risk measuring, handling of that as well as in the optimizing of complex safety. Our target is working out the solutions that terminate the preventable risks and damages with confident result.

As an independent security company, our interest is offering the most proper security provider instead of the acquaintance of us. The consultants of “Flott Expert” are not in touch with any security system manufacturer or distributor companies and they have not got any profit from the revenue of security companies are chosen by the client.  Our primary aim is the protection of our client’s employees and properties furthermore helping our clients to achieve the highest security level using the existing sources.

Our comprehensive security consulting service covers the analysis and evaluating of existing security regulations, increasing the efficiency, giving developer advises and checking the execution of implemented “best practice” trainings. We manage security on its own complexity, but as part of it we undertake the working out of new systems, regulations, guidelines and procedures, that ensures achieving of the professionally necessary security level.

Our consultants all together have more than 100 years professional background on the area of property protection, work- and fire prevention. This knowledge is ensured for our clients with independent professionalism that is in harmony with the security demands and by keeping to the fore of customized efficiency increase and cost reduction. The immediate managing of the problems appear periodically can solve a specific scantiness but the best way of increasing the complete security is thinking in complexity and system.

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