Why the audit service is more expensive than the hazardous and risk assessment, what is the different?

The hazardous and risk assessment (vertically) analyses the status, operation and the regulation of the current functioning protection system constitutes defensive segments (fire- and work environment, disaster- and security protection, public threat).

Those who make the analyzing activity explore the danger sources and the related risks, make a risk assessment, as result they determine the present security levels and take proposals for the termination of danger sources, for the reduction (or termination) of risk factors.

Whereas the audit process is a system view (vertical and horizontal) examining method, that analyse the security systems and protection departments, the different procedures (production, internal logistics, logistics) one by one and in relations. Moreover it analyses, evaluating, classify that procedures and take proposals, plans and concepts for the termination of determined deviation as well as for the security levels and development of that.

Our colleagues perform a circumspect examination regarding both of analyses method, but on the reason of the examination method’s features the hazardous and risk assessment is less time-consuming and requires only security expertise, while in case of an audit it is often necessary to involve an external expert to understand the operational processes of the client company and the possible scantiness and to know how it has an effect on security.

We start a new investment in the next autumn, when we need to ask you for a security planning?

It is valuable to initiate the security consultant to the project at the earliest period of that. The advices of security consultants can significantly influence the whole planning including the architectural plans. The safety of building is depending on the allocation of entrances, the establishments of reception desk or package checker room and on the determination of elements divide the private area from the public area, the reduction of heat regarding the elevators or the stair hall.

Our security consultants know the concerning provisions of law, the technical requirements, the criminal statistics, so they can have full circle view about the protected area, by this means they can prevent from defective planning and ensure extra protection on a cost effective way in harmony with the budget at the very beginning. The most frequented mistake we experience is that the plans are implemented in partial or in full before call us, so it is much hard to alloy the cost optimization with the evolve of security level.

How much is the hazardous and risk assessment for us?

Consideration of the elements are influencing the fee, the measure of the object, the geographical localization, the employees in it and the operational specifications, we give individual quotation for our clients in all cases. We can make a cost free quotation! Please ask our colleagues.

I am security director of a multinational company and I need your help in some fields, but I am afraid of my boss will think I am unfitted for my position if I ask external advisory help. What do you suggest?

In both of our business and private life we need and we use experts if we are interested in the specific case deeply. I make bold to say that your company’s top management also do not make financial decision without external consultant. In the same way our district doctor also send to the surgery if our treatment needs higher profession than the basic health care ensures. We kindly help you in any security subject, it depends on the concrete subject which security consultant’s duty to manage your project.

Some reasons in our favour:

  • We form an impartial, up to date opinion about the current situation.
  • We have got the experiential knowledge at companies are in individual segments and operating by similar conditions.
  • We know the “best practices” and the newest technologies.
  • We are able to send delegated expert to the concrete project.
  • We can honestly and without any retorsion give our opinion, that’s why we are here.
  • We have significant documentation and report giving experience.
Our company is in Zala county and you work in Budapest, do you undertake commissions otherwhere?

We undertake service request in the whole territory of Hungary. The basic service fee’s additional cost belongs to the geographical localization is depending on the size of the project and on the presence of consultant. Because we focus on cost efficiency we make an effort to delegate the consultant for the project who is familiar with place as well as who has established relationship with the authorities.

If the subject of the project does not tally with professional field of the delegated consultant, this colleague will participate on this project as a background supporter and our most qualified security expert will execute the commission on site.

In case of we give a commission for you, will we get a written report about the result?

Of course, we document our advising activity. We give the one page and the more pages length report too for the client moreover we make an epitome about the essential elements of that for the busy leaders.

The currently contracted security company performed a hazardous and risk analyses for us, but we feel as if this is not useful. You offer a complex method, is there any advantage of a newer analyses?

“Flott Expert” offers one of the most comprehensive hazardous and risk analyses available on the market. We do not only perform the procedure, but we document that on an easy understanding form for our clients. We preserve our professionality, but we make an effort to use a language helps understanding the recognized scantiness for them who are out of security profession. We avoid the generalization in our reports, but we take concrete, easy understanding proposals that can easily implement in practice. We do not leave your operating conditions and your company culture out of consideration when we take proposals. You cannot find unnecessary filling in our reports as well as it does not contain pictures from the internet. All of our reports are focused on the concrete project and individually prepared for a concrete client. We use photo only in case of a risk element needs visual document.   Furthermore our report contains a summary about the recognized irregularities in compliance with the value of risk elements, that summary serves as direction giving for the termination’s priority of that.

Our insurance company sends the actual cost free risk analyses summary for us in every year, is this same like you offer?

The safety audit made by the insurance companies is mostly means a filling in (ticking) of a ready-made form that is checked by a physical survey.  The colleague of insurance company evaluates based on a suitable- not suitable method and prepares a report based on the checklist. Without underrating the work of insurance companies our opinion is that kind of risk analyses is enough for recognize the obvious physical risks and it’s very far from a comprehensive methodical risk assessment.

How often is it necessary to perform a hazardous and risk analyses?

We recommend it in all cases of significant changes in your operating area, in extension of your object or in workforce. Basically it is enough to perform it in every third year for the elimination of little risk factors are caused by smaller changes.

We are a global company and on the reason of a reconstruction of the Hungarian plant we need security advice. The global purchasing recommended an international advisory company. Can you also execute the task?

The advising work is performed by experts and not by companies. In the case of you choose an international consultant, your project’s success depends on the delegated expert’s (is working for the company for a long time or a beginner) preparedness. If you get a well prepared colleague, your success is guaranteed while Flott Expert Ltd. is smaller association we have awareness about the preparedness of each other day by day.

If you have possibility to interrupt the selection we absolutely recommend selecting local consultant. The preparedness of the consultant company’s colleagues in Hungary are equivalent, moreover in several cases it rises above the professional knowledge of the international consultant company’s employees. Furthermore the local consultants are familiar with the place and they know the legal background is indispensable for the security profession.

It happens that you give a minimum price as basic fee at the service fees, why isn’t it a fix price and what does this tariff depends on?

Our price calculation and our individual quotation depend on more elements. Without complexity it depends on the size of the project, the geographical location of you, the extension of your company, the number
Our quotation is cost free and obligation free. Please find our colleagues!

The image of our company is based on the openness. Our organizational culture and our operation make an effort to establish a friendly and openness work environment. Is there a reason for the existence of an “over controlled” security?

The answer is “yes”. We take individual organizational structure and the scale of value into consideration during the work out of security policy. Our duty to call your attention for in case of the excessively openness behavior threatens criminal contamination or any other risk, by preserve the scale of values you need to apply compromises in favor of security. We kindly help you to evolve the proper balance.

Precious good disappears from the manufacturing area from the beginning of the last year, we suspect an internal committer. Can you help us cleaning up this case?

We do not undertake investigating activity. On the reason of the case was started in last year we suppose that you involved any investigating authority or a qualified private detective to the case. If the examination document (camera records, official reports) was prepared during the investigation are at our service, we can help preparing the proper security rules, protection plan and the schedule of them. We recommend the step by step implementation of the changes because the sudden evolved security measures could endanger the basic operating procedures and we know it from experience that the criminals stop their activity temporary as reaction for the restriction.

Our security provider would undertake the planning of new security technical elements and the working out of new security rules, if we commission you to do, that means additional cost for us. What’s the good of it?

There are several security company on the Hungarian market that feed on selling security equipment or any other security service and call themselves “security expert” or “security consultant”. We do not dispute that they have professional knowledge on their professional area, but we cannot suppose (by the biggest goodwill) that they have the same preparedness in every subject. A security provider is expert in access control system installation is not unconditionally a specialist on the area of information security. The independent security consultants of “Flott Expert” have the professional knowledge in the different area of property protection and the collective knowledge of them ensure the high level managing of the all segment and the solution for the security issues.

The additional cost of our service appears immediately, but the additional cost generated by the security company can charge the operation of the company for a long time. Why do I say it? The fee you pay for the consulting work of “Flott Expert” is a onetime cost in exchange for an objective evaluation, because our colleagues are not interested in persuade you to do any investment. The revenue of your current security provider depends on persuading you about a security level upgrading by the security technique equipment and service trading by it.

Our company has more sites, is it necessary preparing hazardous and risk analyses each of them?

Many companies decide to order hazardous and risk analyses only for the highlighted object, generally the selection depends on the size of the object, the functionality, the performed activity on site and the geographical location. In case of you decide to do not order hazardous and risk analyses for all the sites, we perform it only for the highlighted object and we offer the option to visit the rest of the sites if the security demands of the examined object require it.

On the reason of reorganizations we thinking about a commission for a security company, but we cannot recognize what we need in real, can you help in this issue?

Yes, absolutely. In the security point of view there is the most sensitive period for several companies when the company is too small to have security rules, but it is big enough to see the risks. “Flott Expert” has helped several companies to surmount this transition period. The first step of us to determine your real needs is preparing a hazardous and risk analyses that shows the indispensable real needs for the proper security level achieving.

In the case of you recommend security changes, can you help us implementing it?

We help our clients according to measure of their requests. We have clients who do not claim our help in the implementation, because they have the own internal sources can realize their proposals, but others rely on us because the lack of time, staff, or professionality. Among others our profile contains the application preparing for tenders, working out of regulatory system, security HR activity, evolving security rules, comprehensive security trainings.

You can get more information about our services at our homepage under the services menu!

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