The security is an extremely sensitive area, so our commission’s character requires us to execute our duty on the highest level of secrecy. All of the information, statement of security, measure and regulatory, operational and organizational data of client are handled in the strictest confidence.


Our colleagues use the main part of their working time to find the most optimal solutions for the problems of our clients and for this they need to recognize the confidential data and information of the operation.


  • The members of “Flott Expert” handle all information of the client confidentially and unavailable for third parties.
  • Our members will not take personal, financial, or any other advantage of inside information gained by virtue of the consulting relationship.
  • Our security consultants will neither accept nor pay fees or commissions for other providers.
  • Our consultants always suggest the most optimal and most cost efficient solution.


Members of “Flott Expert” will not accept fees, commissions or other valuable considerations from any individual or organization whose equipment, supplies or services they might recommend in the course of providing professional consulting services.

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