• Customized danger- and risk analysis
  • Determination of security threat, danger sources, risks


  • Security audit
  • Physical guarding
  • Present security systems
  • Human resources
  • Equipments
  • Review of working processes according to the profile of client (logistics procedures, material flowing, storing, inventory, manufacture, etc.)
  • Work- and fire protection
  • Regulation and law suitability


What does the security audit mean?


  • Analysis of the actual security program or security strategy by independent experts.
  • Determination of the main values need to be protected and identifying hazardous security risks.
  • Examination of the implemented active procedures and the current security system.
  • Preparation of cost efficient proposal


The security audit is an optimal choice for the determination of the security level of your object and for creating reports about the current security program. This is an extremely important step, if you intend to change something in the actual security program, because you can avoid unnecessary additional costs by our precise measuring. By evaluating every possible aspects of the current security program, we are able to identify the weak points and make a proposal that consists suggestions for changes that are necessary in order to improve the system.

The security audit package that is developed by “Flott Expert” has successfully detected the weak points of current property protection systems at several companies with different profile. It is the main characteristic of our method that we constantly keep track of the trends on the market, add, adjust and improve further the necessary segments so we ensure the most up to date audit method for the customers.

Our security audit service is a structured, and strictly regulated analytical procedure that makes it possible to deeply understand the business procedures, operating conditions, company structure and those unique security hazards and threats that put previously mentioned factors under risk.

Our audits are customized and project specific, yet there is a basis of our structure that is introduced in the following steps:


  • Danger and risk analysis
  • Detect the vulnerability and weak points of the present security system
  • Review and revision of the present security procedures
  • Analysis of criminal cases and losses
  • Review of the operating procedures
  • Review and revision of the security guard system and its operation.
  • Review and revision of the electronic property protection systems
  • Review and revision of the safety rules and procedures
  • Analysis of the short- and long-term costs
  • Preparing of a written security audit report
  • Taking development proposals in the purpose of correcting the present security system
  • Preparing of a countermeasure sheet for the development proposals

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