At several companies have security provider, but have no internal security expert, who represents the client and who can supervise the activity of the security provider. In general, the different subcontractors are supervised by the expert of the specific area (e.g. technical subcontractors belong to the technician leader of the company, the logistics subcontractors belong to the logistics leader of the company, etc.). If the security provider is not supervised by an internal security expert, the result can be a significant additional cost and a low quality of service. The cost of maintaining a security leader position can be very high. In most cases this is not an acceptable solution for smaller of the companies apart from the biggest multinational ones.


“Flott Expert” gives the solution for this problem as follows:


Within the frame of flat rate contract we undertake the role of “security leader” on a lower cost compared with the real security leader position. The security supplier directly reports to us and sends the security reports to “Flott Expert” and the security provider performs by our instructions.

A security report could seem comprehensive and extensive, but it is worthless if it is not read by an expert.

If the employee who is responsible for maintaining the relationship with the security provider is an expert on another field (e.g. HR, purchasing, etc.), the decisions that should be made will not be proficient, and most likely the possible irregularities and abuses will be ignored due to lack of competence and expertise.

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